[INFOS]Les Firmware du Archos 605 wifi (ver. 2.1.04)

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[INFOS]Les Firmware du Archos 605 wifi (ver. 2.1.04)

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Remarque :

Pour connaitre son Firmware actuel il faut allumer votre Archos 605 wifi puis aller dans les options.

Menu -> Parametres -> Logiciel et Plug-Ins -> Ver. du logiciel x.x.xx


Initial Operating System


-Improvements :
--User interface improvements in audio player, video player, web browser, virtual keyboard
--Video player can now seek in all MPEG2 PS files
--Image quality improved on TV SCART
--Default wallpaper changed to Water Drops

-Bug fixes :
--WiFi network detection fixed (sometimes did not detect any network until next reboot)
--IR blaster improved and fixed


-Improvements :
--EPG/IRBlaster: add more device presets and TV channel line ups
--EPG: number of digit for channel number is now 4
--Improve support of Gen4 and Gen5 remote controls
--Web/Video player: add support for "mms://...wmv" URLs

-Bug fixes :
--WiFi: Fix hidden networks were not reported when scanning
--Web: Fix sometimes wrong favorite icon was associated with a URL
--Web: Disable embedded-mode for Flash Video playback
--Audio: Improve audio quality
--Audio: Improve SPDIF stability
--Video Player: fix some subtitle display bugs
--Audio Browser: fix sometimes player didn't go back to the last track played in the browser
--Music and Photo Browsers are accessible even when Arclib is invalid
--EPG: Improve update from TMS
--Home: Fix icon names display was sometimes corrupted
--Online Update: Allow to disable automatic update for a given update
--Resume: handle resume correctly after connecting USB while playing audio


-Improvements :
--Web: Allow to zoom/unzoom with a double-tap on the touch screen
--Web: Allow to select a link with OK when the mouse cursor is over it (Remote Control)
--Content Portal: Now supports MMS streaming format
--Photo: Add Digital Camera RAW format support (embedded JPEG only)
--Recorder: File name now includes the date and time of the recording
--Video Player: Format and Speed settings apply immediately when selected in the menu
--GUI: Add Chinese, Dutch and Greek translations

-Bug fixes :
--Audio: Fix an issue with hard drive creating audio glitches that remains until a "pause/play" action
--Audio: Fix SPDIF compatibility issues with some amplifiers
--Audio Player: fix WMA 320kbps DRM files did not play correctly
--Audio Player: fix a "file corrupted" error after long AAC playback
--Video Player: Do not offer to set a bookmark if the file is not seekable
--Web: fix some stability issues with Flash
--EPG: All keys now support autorepeat
--EPG: Fix manual channel numbering did not survive firmware and/or EPG data update
--GUI: Last selected item is selected when re-opening the side-menu
--GUI: Video output stay the same (LCD or TV) when waking-up from stand-by
--GUI: Firmware update: when asking for DC or USB and USB is plugged, the connect/charge message did appear
--TV: Don't switch TV set to 14:9 when using PAL 16:9 format


-Bug fixes :
--Audio & Video Player: Fix sometimes the sound is corrupted after about 30 minutes of playback
--Video Player: Fix a crash when trying to play a video using an unknown codec
--Photo: Fix a crash with some RAW images
--WiFi: Fix a WiFi error sometimes after firmware update


-New features :
--Helmet Camcorder: add support for the Helmet Camcorder accessory

-Bug fixes :
--Content Portal: fixed MMS streaming format was broken in r1.3.08 – make ACP EuroNews store work again
--Audio & Video Player: Fix sometimes the sound is corrupted after the hard drive wakes up (notably 605 40GB)
--Home: fix icons were not animated after resume from standby on TV output
--Virtual keyboard: add the missing underscore '_' character in Spanish
--Web: fix very wide pages were not repaint correctly
--Settings: fix manual clock set could end up into a unit freeze


Bug fixes
--Content Portal: on FNAC store, OK key wasn't working anymore
--Security Fix


New features:
--Opera Widgets support
--Playin'Tv Games support
--Parental Control on files or folders (see Settings>Parental Control)
--Video Player: Play subsequent VOB files together as one file
--Video Player: Support for AC-3 in MPEG-TS
--TV Program Guide: Support longer descriptive text
--Video Recorder: Increased maximum number of possible consecutive recordings from 9 to 99 files
--USB Host: External device content is now accessible from the Video, Audio and Photo browsers
--USB Host: Allow copying files from a NTFS hard drive

Bug fixes:
--Video Browser: Filename in info window sometimes not consistent with name in browser (MTP)
--Video Player: Fixed issues with some MP4 files
--Video Recorder: Sometimes recording was done at double speed
--Recorder/Scheduler: Stopping the recording during pre-record preview did not delete the scheduled program
--File Browser: Content not updated when swapping two USB devices
--Automatic Time Setting: Synchronization sometimes failed


--ACP: Improved Archos Media Club support
--ACP: Improved musicMe support

Bug fixes:
--PDF Reader did not launch when clock was set to 12h format
--Web: Fixed some double-clicking issues using the Remote Control
--Parental Control: Prohibit resuming an adult file while in child mode


--Web: Smoother mouse movement on TV
--Games: Allow sound output in Playin'TV Games and in Flash when audio mode is set to SPDIF
--Recorder: Allow sound preview when audio mode is set to SPDIF
--Improved Dutch translations
--Added a virtual keyboard for Greek

Bug fixes:
--Video: Fix compatibility with files encoded using FairUse
--Audio/Video: Fixed compatibility with some .m4a and .mp4 files
--UPnP: Fixed compatibility with Mediamax server
--System: Fixed Hard Drive that would sometimes keep spinning in standby mode


Bug fixes:
--Audio: Fixed compatibility with some AAC streams
--Video: Fixed compatibility with H264 streams containing B-frames


Bug fixes:
--Fixed some Chinese compatibility issues


New features:
--Flash 9 Video support
--WebTV and Radio (with optional Plug-in)
--GPS (with optional Car Holder)
--Alarm Clock (see Settings>Alarm Clock)


New features:
--Added option "Never Off" in Power Settings (not valid when powered by USB cable)
--Improved battery autonomy for large Hard Drives (> 30 GB)

Bug fixes:
--Music: Fixed playlist created from "Hard Drive" which was not correctly saved
--Music: Fixed Windows Media Player Playlist support
--Video: Fixed macrovision-protected recorded video playback
--Web: Fixed some screen corruptions on TV output
--Flassh Video: Fixed ability to seek in videos from YouTube and Google Video
--System: Fixed system update failing due to some MacOS hidden files

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